Pitlochry Walk in the Rain

We arrived on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, stopped by the information office, and from there decided to take one of the many walking paths around this hilly Highland town. We chose the (three miles one way)  Edradour path through the hills. About half way up this largely uphill walk it started it started to rain lightly on us. We were not deterred since we knew that just three miles ahead we’d find a beautiful old distillery in which to get out of the rain, and to enjoy a tour.
Along the way we took a small detour to see “Black Spout” , a wonderful waterfall. As we made our way to the top of the hill, we were surrounded by low rolling hills in every direction    It seemed like there was not another person around for miles (who would be hiking in the rain but us).  Soon we came to a clearing and found the beautiful old distillery. In fact, the Edradour Distillery is one of the few independently owned distilleries left in Scotland. In fact, we also found out that the distillery is closed on Sundays!  It being Sunday, we walked back through the fields to town, getting to repeat our walk on Monday.



Edradour Distillary, Scotland's smallest

Edradour Distillary, Scotland’s smallest

Original stills still in operation.

Original stills being used to this day.


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    • Happy 4th to you guys too! All is well. We should have our new posts up later today as we once again have internet. Take care, thanks for the note. 🙂

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