European Geography Challenge


Every week we post a student question in the “Weekly Challenge” section of our blog.  This week we thought we would challenge everyone. As we travel we are constantly struggling with our limited knowledge of European geography, sometimes to the point that it’s a little embarrassing. Follow the link below and take the on line quiz to see how you measure up.  Make sure you check the appropriate box if you want to practice or take the test.  Send us your results if you’d like, and let us know how you do.

In addition, we have added links to a couple couple of fun videos that Nick Stuyt showed me prior to our trip.  One tells the difference between Holland and the Netherlands and the other shows where Britain and England fit into the United Kingdom.

Holland vs The Netherlands


England vs Britain vs The United Kingdom


We hope you enjoy the challenge. 🙂

One thought on “European Geography Challenge

  1. Ok. The videos were very informative. That guy talks fast…. The geography quiz was impossible. I’ll confess my ignorance. Was this some requirement for the sabbatical? I really like the pictures a lot better….

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