About Us


“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step”
Lao Tzu

Greetings from Turlock, California! We are both teachers who believe in the many benefits of travel. Each summer we embark on six-weeks of motorcycle touring, visiting, and exploring our own beautiful country. We travel with awe as we interact with locals; we travel with gratitude for all we are able to see and to do.

During our travels in the United States, we would lament over not having enough time to explore other countries. One day we decided, enough whining, let’s get planning!

Our goal for this six month European journey is to interact, embrace, and learn. We believe that moments are much more important than material possessions could ever be. We go as travelers, learners, and explorers. We will not tour by motorcycle this time, instead we will travel and camp in our Volkswagen bus (named Dakota). We hope to meet many new friends along the way.

We are excited to be able to share our quest with you. Please join us as we venture forward.

23 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi folks! Today I saw an california license plate (highway A9). At first I was looking for a real license plate, because U.S plates are mostly used as decorative objects ;-). Soon I realised that there was a old VW on the road, with plates from california and I was interested in your journey. Welcome to the Netherlands and good luck on your adventures across Europe!

    • Thank you for the welcome. We appreciate your note. Your country is beautiful, and everyone has been kind and helpful. Kindly, Steve and Jeanette Amador

    • Hi Luis, thank you for your kind words. I can’t wait to meet you. I hope you are enjoying following our travels. I am learning a lot. My husband and I are currently in France adn will head to Spain next.

      Take care.

      Mrs. Amador

    • Hi again Mikayla,
      Thank you for the note. I can not wait to meet you too. I hope you get a chance to go to outdoor ed. I am sad that I do not get to go this year.

      Take care.

      Mrs. Amador

    • Hi Julissa, I am having a great time on my trip, but I am looking forward to meeting my students. Let everyone know they must study hard, so that when I return, we can work together on some fun and educational projects! Take care and always do your best!

    • Hi Jose, I am excited about returning and getting ot know you as well. I love traveling, but I love teaching even more! I know you guys are learning a lot while I am gone. Do your best, and I will do my best to make learning fun and relevant when I return.

      Mrs. Amador

    • Hi Celeste, WOW! I can’t wait to meet you. Tell Chuy I say hello as well. Did you know he is a talented writer? I look forward to meeting you. Ask Chuy to tell you about being a true Yolo Scholar.

      Mrs. Amador

  2. hi this your student amanda again I can’t wait to meat you. Do you give a lot of homework. Mr.Poggi said your the bomb. cant wait to have u back. bye have a great trip.

    • Hi Amanda, It is great to hear from you. Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. We are traveling and do not always have internet access.
      I can not wait to meet you as well. Homework is not a problem,, as I do not give much, but I do expect my students to always do their very best.
      Tell Mr. Poggi that I said hello. I hope you are going to outdoor ed. It is great fun adn I wish I could go with you guys.

      See you soon.
      Mrs. amador

  3. Hi folks,
    we saw you on he Camping Barcelona. We were the familiy with the white VW next to you. But before we could talk to you after breakfast, you had left, probably to Barcelona. We hope, you had a wonderful time in Barcelona, we liked it very much! Your VW is very nice! Have fun!

    • Thank you for the email and yes we like Barcelona very much. We have enjoyed our trip in the VW very much as I am sure you have enjoyed yours. I am sorry we were unable to talk about traveling and VWs.

      Take care

      Steve and Jeanette

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